Alexa Marcigliano


Hi, I'm Alexa - SAG/AFTRA stuntwoman, parkour and rock climbing instructor, NASM-certified personal trainer. I have a passion for stunts and movement of all kinds - nothing is out of the realm of possibilities.

Click on the photos to the right to scroll through full-size images, or visit the resume and video pages to learn more about my experience in stunt work. For more information about my education and work experience as web manager for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, check out my LinkedIn profile.


Stunt Resume

Film & Television

Kimmy Schmidt Stunt band member Jill Brown
Daredevil Stunt gala guest Philip Silvera
Freeheld Stunt double Stephen Pope
Sisters Stunt double Victor Paguia
The Outskirts Stunt double Manny Siverio
Rock & Roll Stunt glam rocker Blaise Corrigan
Unforgettable Stunt double John Cenatiempo
Girls Stunt jello wrestler Norman Douglass
Boychoir Stunt double Chris Cenatiempo
The Snowy Day Stunt double Drew Leary
The Knick Stunt rioter Manny Siverio
TMNT Stunt pedestrian Jared Burke
Tracers Stunt double Gary Powell
Hypebeasts Stunt rioter Matthew Staley
Muck Stunt double Matthew Staley
Hole in the Wall Stunt biker Declan Mulvey
Give Chase Stunt free runner Turner Smith
School Spirits Stunt double Jared Burke
The Woman Socket (character) Jared Burke


Virgin Atlantic Stunt scientist
Fallon Health Plan Snowboarder

Live Events

Athleta: Crush of Adrenaline Parkour
TED Talk: Ted City 2.0 Parkour
Nokia: Zoom Reinvented Parkour

Actors Doubled

Ellen Page, Eden Sher, Madison Davenport, Joseph West, Marie Avgeropoulos

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Skills & Training


parkour falls rappelling
martial arts air ram rock climbing
fighting mini tramp ratchet
snowboarding skiing kayaking
diving skiboarding basic acrobatics
basic tumbling kickboxing biking
roller blading track & field driving
motorcycles (hurdles, high
jump, long jump)
(manual as well)

Alexa's full stunt resume | Alexa's stunt reel


Rick Seaman's Stunt Driving School Level 1 Rick Seaman
HB Studio Acting 1 Ed Morehouse
Motorcycle Safety School BR1  
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